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Water is such a precious commodity in North Queensland, we have seen our fair share of brown lawns to last a lifetime. 

Maintain a luscious green lawn this summer with a pre-season irrigation check from Horizon Plumbers. We service, repair, or replace irrigation controllers, sprinkler heads, pumps and perform all general maintenance on irrigation systems.

Do not waste water this summer. Ensure your irrigation system is working efficiently. Our team are irrigation specialists. We will diagnose and fix any irrigation problem fast.


Our top tips for checking your irrigation is working correctly

  • Check your Sprinkler heads :

    Over time the sprinkler heads can be damaged from lawn mowers or vehicles driving over your lawn. It is always a good idea to check them regularly for replacement.

  • Sprinkler spray:

    As time progresses, debris and dirt gradually wear away at the wiper seal. The result is often one or several leaks around the upper portion of the spray head. If the spray head is comprised of a single unit, a replacement of the entire head is necessary.

  • Flush the system:

    Be sure to flush the system at the start of the season. The initial point of the irrigation system must be flushed to prevent clogging. Otherwise, debris will inevitably breach the irrigation system and clog the nozzles. Even regular wear and tear or a contaminated water source can clog the nozzles.

  • Check the Alignment of the sprinklers:

    Even something as minor as a misaligned head can cause the over-watering of certain portions of your landscape or unsightly brown sections. Be sure to realign your sprinkler heads exactly as instructed by the manufacturer. Some sprinkler heads might have settled as time progressed.

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